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about duniway

About our namesake ABIGAIL DUNIWAY

At the age of eighteen, Abigail Scott Duniway braved the arduous trail to Oregon, though her pioneering days had only just begun. In a world built to keep her down and out of the way, Abigail made her presence known. As a champion for social justice, she overcame countless obstacles to help women gain the right to vote. She also owned a newspaper, The New Northwest, which published groundbreaking stories promoting free speech and human rights.

She refused to be confined to the status quo.

And we are not your typical luxury hotel.

Abigail’s innovative spirit lives on in our mission to break boundaries and color outside the lines. We want every guest that walks through our doors to feel inspired to explore. Our unique design and creative touchpoints make The Duniway a hub for a vibrant community of changemakers. 

Will you join them?

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The meaning of our STONE CUTTER logo

There are four parts that make up the stone cutter. As a whole, it is the confluence of events that tell the story of the Duniway.

The arrow pointing west tells the tale of the travelers on the Oregon Trail. The feathered quill represents Abigail’s life as a writer and scribe, which is countered by the rose for the Rose City. All of this anchored by the rattlesnake, which represents rebirth and a creative life force.

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We believe there’s no form of personal expression more intimate than tattoos. Throughout our hallways, you’ll find elegant photographs of women boldly displaying their body art and individuality. Created by Kevin Barry Fine Art Associates, these stunning portraits honor a history of empowered female figures.

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